ISS offers diversified insurance contracts, personalized formula and targeted products driven by demand and market analysis that attend to all types of situations.

ISS Insurance Services and Solutions is attuned to its clients' needs. We establish and maintain privileged relationships, and accompany our clients every step of the way to be able to swifflty address their concerns and demands.
Motor Car Insurance

Want to hit the open road without a care in the world? With ISS, it is finally possible! Discover our range of car insurance plans and safely take to the road, with a smile on your face.
Property Insurance

Remember the immense happiness you felt the day you moved into you first home? With ISS, you can retain this happiness. Discover our range of home insurance plans that will keep you and your home safe from harm.
Life insurance

Everyone wants to secure the future of their family once they've passed on. With ISS, the security of your family's future is guaranteed. Discover our range of life insurance plans that will ensure your family is immune.
Health Insurance

Health problems can seriously complicate our lives. Discover ISS range of medical coverage to protect you in all circumstances. Take control of your health
Marine & Hull
Personal Accident
Local & International Medical
Aviation Hull
Clinical Trials
Engineering & Construction
Workmen Compensation
Money Insurance
Third Party Insurance